Dec 192011

What is an employee handbook and why do I need one?

An employee handbook is a manual given to all employees containing everything they need to know about their company. It contains advice and guidance on topics ranging from vacation pay to policies, procedures, compensation and benefits, right through to where things are located and who’s responsible for what (i.e. ordering a pen if you need one!). With all this information at your fingertips it becomes an essential go-to-guide that helps you and your business become more streamlined and productive.

It’s highly recommended that all companies, no matter what size, invest in an employee handbook. A word of caution though: avoid using templates. An employee handbook should be as personal and unique as your company, and customized entirely for your needs and culture. Don’t let anyone persuade you that one-size-fits-all!

Once you have your handbook in place, it’s vital that it’s kept up-to-date annually to reflect ever-changing laws and practices. Employees should sign-off annually that they understand the terms and conditions within it.

This then leads to another very important role of the handbook. By having lawful policies and procedures in place, employees understand what should and shouldn’t be taking place and how to correctly deal with something if it arises. This helps protect a company against lawsuits including harassment claims, discrimination claims, and ultimately saves time, money and heartache.

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