About Us


Tomlinson Alliance Group Financial is one of the largest Group Brokers in British Columbia providing independent advice and expertise in Group Benefits for small business,Corporate Insurance and Family Insurance including Mortgage Insurance.

TomlinsonAllianceGroup-57We have undergone many changes over the last 20 years with the newest change being our name from Tomlinson & Associates to Tomlinson Alliance Group Financial. Regardless of our name, we will always remain true to our core beliefs of “people first” and ensuring that our clients are looked after like members of our family.

Our founder, John Tomlinson, started in the Life Insurance Business with The Mutual Group in 1989 and has built one of BC’s largest Group Benefits Brokerages over that time, while maintaining a culture of personal touch for each client – big or small.

In 1993 John recognized that there was no carrier or Third Party Administrator offering benefit plans for the small case market and, he became the west coast representative for the Association Comprehensive Benefits Program [ACBP] which is now known as Sirius Benefit Plans. John, with his new responsibilities, in 2002 moved his operation and administration to his home property located on 10 acres in South Langley.

The business grew very quickly and in 2003 John added another team administration member and, later that year, Shawn Perryman joined the team as an associate advisor focusing on Group Benefits; he now also specializes in Corporate and Family Insurance.  The company and it’s client base was starting to grow fast and in 2005 John was approached to become a Partner in Group Health Global who were rapidly becoming a force on the Canadian insurance landscape. Starting in 2007 the company grew again with additions to the admin team, new sub advisors/agents being brought on board and Shawn became full partner.

Then in early 2009, the company added another partner – David Norman – and began an infrastructure investment program to better support our Group Benefit Clients and their employees. New programs and services under this program include: new services that will assist our Group Employees to better manage their personal financial planning, deploying new technologies, and reaffirming our commitment to ensuring our clients have a continued high level of support and services.

After moving from the picturesque location of “The Farm”, as our rural offices were affectionately known, Tomlinson Alliance Group Financial now operates from Surrey/West Langley. Our growing team appreciates the new location and our new location has proved to be even more convenient for our clients!  The company is proud to have made an impression on our home town of Langley, the Fraser Valley, and many other parts of British Columbia.

We truly believe we are ‘large enough’ to give our clients and their employees the services and products they require while at the same time being ‘small enough’ to truly care about our clients, their employees, and their families as if they were part of our family.