Vancouver Life Insurance


Protect Your Family with a Vancouver Life Insurance Policy

Protect YOUR Family (Photo by JLS Photography)

If you’re like most residents of Vancouver, Life Insurance is about planning for your family’s safety in case an unforeseen tragedy befalls you and is sometimes not a pleasant thought. However, this planning, which includes drafting a will and just as importantly buying life insurance, is a necessary process. The right vancouver life insurance policy often represents the difference between protecting your family financially and leaving them vulnerable. Here’s an overview of the benefits of purchasing a Vancouver life insurance policy.

  • Offers financial support to designated beneficiaries both in and out of the Vancouver region, offsetting the loss of income related to your salary
  • Empowers family members to pay off large debts like mortgages, credit card balances, and auto loans. Life insurance makes it easy to pay lump sum debts that otherwise would be too expensive
  • Offers some tax incentives to you and your designated beneficiary
  • Eases the high cost of funeral expenses and income tax

Tomlinson Alliance Group Financial offers residents across BC and specifically Greater Vancouver life insurance products and policies that match your unique lifestyle and needs, and offers the safety you want to provide your family. You can name beneficiaries in the greater Vancouver area or in other cities if you so choose, giving protection to those who matter most to you.

Did you also know that Vancouver life insurance policies allow you to:

  • Obtain a policy on your own life, or take out a joint life insurance policy covering yourself and your spouse
  • Obtain 10 to 20 years worth of life insurance protection (called “term life insurance”) or select a life insurance policy covering you until the age of 100
  • Keep your expenses affordable by obtaining policy coverage for as little as $50,000 or up to $2,000,000

Best of all, obtaining Vancouver life insurance quotes from multiple Vancouver area companies has never been easier. Our representatives will get the best life insurance prices from multiple Vancouver life insurance companies so you can compare policies to make the right decision for your needs.